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AXIS T8412 connects directly to a camera and displays

live video, which simplifies the setting of the camera’s

viewing angle and focus.

When installing Axis networkvideo cameras, installers usually rely on a laptop or aremote computer to set up a camera. In field installationsthe use of a laptop may be awkward when installerswork from sky lifts or ladders. With its simple handhelddesign, AXIS T8214 can be used in any installation site.

  An Axis network video camera with built-in Power over

Ethernet support can be powered directly by AXIS T8412,

which gives greater flexibility in field installations. Power

is delivered from the device’s battery or through Power

over Ethernet by-pass from an alternative power source.

AXIS T8412 Installation Display is a battery-powered handheld device that greatly simplifies the field

installation of Axis network video cameras and analog cameras.

AXIS T8412 has user-friendly features, such as touchscreen,zoom and snapshot functions. For full zoom in thelive video, only a simple tap on the touchsceen is needed.

By pressing the snapshot button, snapshots can be savedto internal memory, or to a connected Micro SD card orUSB device.AXIS T8412 connects directly to the network video camerausing the Ethernet port or BNC port when installinganalog cameras. AXIS T8412 can also be connected to anetwork and search for Axis network video products