Test Equipment / Tools

DL-7501A Cable stripper
RG-174/58/59/62/63C/4C/5C ( 2.6~ 8.0)
LENGTH: 5 (127mm); MTL ABS
RFM-1 Radio Frequency Modulator
Radio frequency modulator converts a composite signal to an RF signal. Operates on channels 3 or 4. Connects a video camera to TV monitor for security surveillance. Good for all applications requiring conversion of a video signal to an RF signal. Inputs RCA
Broadband Amplifiers Channel Vision - CVT351A
Our Premier Line Of New Cable T.V.|& Antenna Broadband Amplifiers||CALL FOR COURTEOUS SERVICE!|
  • CVT-35IA Commercial Amplifier|
  • Highest Quality RF Splitters|35dB adjustable gain & tilt (20dB)|These are broadband (40-1000MHz) with no drop off at the higher cable & antenna. Frequencies|Our Premier Line!|
  • HT-1000 DITEK
    HOME THEATER POWER CONDITIONER Product Name:DITEK MODEL HT1000 Home Theater Power Conditioner Category: AC Power Sub Category: Power - Residential Surge Protection Description: Protect your investment!!Why spend thousands of dollars on a premium home theater, only to suffer from poor power quality and lightning damage? DITEKs DTK-HT1000 13-outlet power conditioner cleans up incoming power and protects your equipment from surge damage.This premium power conditioner includes isolated outlets to eliminate disturbances from different home theater components, and protects incoming power, network, telephone, and coaxial lines. Protect your investment with DITEK! Data Sheet: Click here to View Product Data Sheet A&E Specs: Click here to view A&E Specs Installation Instructions: Click here to View Install Guide Warranty: dfltWarrantyDoc Warranty & Policies: Click here to view Product Warranty & Return Policy Hot Sheet: Click here to View Hot Sheet Related Items: DTK-WH5PLUS, DTK-WH8PLUS
    VCRLB - All Metal Lock Box
    $129.95 Quantity